The basic aim of concept academia is to deliver knowledge and understanding of the subject chemistry of following O – Level, A-Level, AP, IB, GCSE and IGCSE.

This is all according to assessments objectives of Cambridge, Edexcel, OCR, College board, IBO.

We are special in covering

Syllabus, Past Papers

(i) Topical
(ii) Yearly

Of the above classes.

We are dedicated to motivate our students by making chemistry Learning simple and relating it with everyday life Phenomena.
We are designing each courses online concept by concept and we shall explain each concept in the shortest possible time we are using animated form and visual form to make it interesting.

Our vision is to complete

• Covering syllabus in the shortest possible time.
• Our motto is to seek simplicity in chemistry.
• Making learning interesting by

(i) Using visual approach
(ii) Animated form

We cover a concept alternating past papers pertaining to the concept
In this way concept will be consolidated and then next concept and its past papers.

Then attending past papers of the whole chapter.

In the same way we shall go concept by concept and chapter by chapter.

Who We Are

At Concept Academia, we endeavor to make learning an easy, convenient, safe, individualized, and memorable experience for our students. We as teachers explain: How, what and why of the subjects?

We explain each Subject from the piont of view of Syllabus , Exams and Past Papers to achieve Excellent grades.

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Our Mission & Vision

Individual needs: Providing individualistic teaching and study materials. As each individual is different from the other, So teaching and explanation of the concepts should be according to it.

Technology as a tool for individual need: Technology is used to get these aims.
Actively Engaging students: A wide range data is given to students pertaining to the topics of the subject. The student can perform a lot of conceptual activities according to their interest. This will consolidate their concepts at individual level.

Our Approach to Teaching

Our Teaching methodologies cherish all these points mentioned below.These are life long goals of study and education.These skills can lead students to best universities of the world

  • Self Management
  • Reflection
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic personality
  • Learning with analytical innovative thinking
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Why Should you join us

  • In depth each subject explanation.
  • Preparing for excellent grades in each subjects.
  • Topic wise notes covering:
    1. Syllabus.
    2. Exam requirements.